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Nature of Our Information

Family Concerns is a website that seeks to inform the general public on how to handle their finances. It is a site where you can get information on how to handle the challenges that come with a divorce. The site also seeks to inform you of the government benefits that can help you during your tough times.

Note that none of the information contained in this website constitutes legal advice.

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Information Guides and Forms

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Delivery Policy

We commit to make all efforts to give you feedback on all applications we are assisting in within 2 hours of the official response from the relevant government departments. In case more information or clarifications are required, the communication will be given within the hour and the relevant information relayed accordingly.

Note that our official working hours are 8.00am to 5.00pm weekdays only (excluding holidays). Therefore, all requested information should be submitted within the working hours.

Our Support and Quality Guarantee

Family Concerns guarantees you as much assistance and support as you may require throughout any of the processes. You will get support from qualified and experienced professionals in the fields in which you need assistance.

We do not represent you in interviews and application appeals, or in court in case of child support claims. We do not defend contested or defended matters. We only deal with matters where parties are in amicable terms and in co-operation.  If dealing with a contentious situation, seek separate legal counsel.

Privacy Policy

Family Concerns commits to protecting your identity and privacy. We commit to protecting the information submitted to us. Personal data will be strictly used only in matters that are in accordance with the 1998 Data Protection Act. Your personal data will not be used for anything else other than to provide you the services you request from us. Your personal data will not be shared with third parties.

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General Services Disclaimer

Family Concerns is in no way affiliated to or associated with any of the government benefits and tax agencies whose numbers we supply. All the phone numbers availed on this website are routed directly to the relevant department; we do not queue the calls.

All the information contained on this site is accurate at the time of publication. We do commit to keeping you up dated. However, we urge you to give allowances for sudden changes in the country’s legal systems.

All calls made through the phone numbers contained herewith are charged at 7p per minute above normal call rates. This rate, however, depends on your service provider; some charge more.

All the information contained on this website maybe found through other sources.