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If you want to know what benefits you are eligible for from the government, it is important that you do your research. By researching all types of benefits, you may be able to receive the financial assistance that is needed to pay for your daily living expenses.

Particularly, if you are having to support your child or a new born baby. In either case, there is some valuable information online that can help you with government sponsored programs like child tax credit. That said, if you are interested in applying for child tax credit, here are some of the more recent changes that you will need to know.

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What is Child Tax Credit?

According to information published on the Government website, one of the first things that you should be aware of today is that the Child Tax Credit benefit has been replaced with Universal Credit. These new changes will affect all people. You can still claim child tax credits but it is now all rolled together in one universal credit payment to claim universal credit call 0843 455 0035.

But if you are receiving any of the following benefits you can still claim the old style child tax credit. For instance, here are a few of the eligibility requirements that you need to meet.

  • People who are Presently receiving the severe disability premium.
  • The people who are in receipt of disability premium a month ago and currently eligible to receive it today.

When you meet one or more these requirements, the program will also ask the following questions to determine which one of these criteria are used to further qualify you and your child for this tax credit

If your child is at the age of 16, you are able to claim this credit for up and until the date of August 31st, which is after the child’s 16th birthday. Additionally, if the set requirements do not allow you to make a new claim for your child, there are provisions made that may allow you to apply for one of the following.

Pension Credit – If you are of the qualifying age to get pension credits or may qualify for

Universal Credit – eligible for those who are within the working age

If you have separated from your partner then don’t forget they have a responsibility to maintain your child too.

How do you apply for child tax credit?

Apply for the child tax credit does not have to be difficult to start and complete. Fortunately, there are a number of different ways to get the child tax credit application approved. For instance, you will have the following options available to you and anyone else who has an interest.

To make a new claim, you should call 0843 455 0127 to assist you with the approval process. When the claim is filed, you will need to answer a few questions before an estimate of what you are eligible can be provided to you. Here are some questions that you need to be prepared to provide a response to.

An Estimate of the Total Amount that You are Eligible for is based on your Personal Data

What is your National Insurance number? You need to provide this number if you have obtained on.

Your total income for last year

The total amounts of benefits, in detail, that you are presently receiving.

The total amount of childcare payments you make, in detail, that you are presently paying, if applicable.

The number of hours that you are working, per week

Contact child tax

After you have reviewed all of the eligibility requirements for the child tax credit published on, you can compare your personal situation to see if you qualify for these special benefits. This will help you to determine if you can file a claim for this money so that you can be approved.

If you have questions that you need an answer to about your eligibility or other related things that you need to know, you should prepare to address your concerns when you contact these offices by phone. It is also very important to supply correct information on your application to avoid penalties that you could be subject to. To submit your child tax credit application, you should contact 0843 455 0127 today.