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Looking for direct contact details of particular UK companies may sometimes be difficult. Most companies hide their direct numbers because call centres are expensive to operate.

Some of these companies may prefer that you reach to them through the contact forms on their website, online chats, social media and email forums.

This is mainly the reason why we have decided to compile a list of contact details for a good number of companies to make this easier for you.

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Providing our clients with a free, standard rate as well as low rate numbers all the time is our mission. We do not want to take advantage of you by making profits with the details we give you.

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While searching for a company at, you will also find some useful information about that company. Some of these may include its website link and information about its products and services.

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At, we believe that all customers have the right to search and pick any company details they want and contact any company they want. If you have a contract with a particular company to provide you with certain products or services, then you should be in a position easily to contact them by phone in a convenient and affordable way.


Most organisations intentionally make it harder for their customers to contact them. And this may be because they do not have sufficient resources to deal with calling customers.

So for them to cope with this, they choose to make the process harder to achieve.

Many companies are increasingly hiding their telephone numbers. For customers to see them, they will have to log in and pass through the self-help section.

From there then they will be guided to the forums, live chats, and FAQ pages before being given a number.

To prevent the customers more, the numbers they are provided with will also cost some money. In most cases, once the call is connected, the customers will always be directed back to the self-help page on the website through a recorded message.

Only after passing through this whole process will the customer be allowed into the system but still, the customer will be required to go through several level of options. This will then be followed by being placed on a queue before the call is answered.

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As, we think that as a paying customer, you deserve the best. Our mission is, therefore, to provide our visitors with the easiest and the most convenient way to find those hard to find company numbers and speak to the company directly.

Although it is not in our capacity to change what these companies may charge you to make that call, we will always try to provide you with the cheapest numbers as much as we can. If we have information about the cost of the call you are to make, then we will provide you with the same. is an online service which is based in the UK. Our offices are situated in the North West of England. Our main aim is to ensure that our visitors are provided with the contact numbers to customer services departments of large companies.

We also ensure that they are provided with additional relevant information about the company whose number we are giving out and this information may include email address, internet, the company background and more.


Shopping for your family is getting more expensive by the day, some of the stores we have got contact numbers for are: Asda, Morrisons.