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PIP Phone NumberPersonal Independence Payment is a government benefit that is given to people of ages 16 to 64 to help with the costs of living with a disability or a long-term health condition. This benefit has gradually faced out the Disability Living Allowance. This means that all new applications should be for PIP instead of DLA.

PIP is a means-tested benefit; the amount you get will depend on your current circumstances. Factors such as your National Insurance contributions, savings, earnings or capital are not considered when determining the PIP amount one can get.

Who Can Get PIP?

There are a few factors that are considered for eligibility of this benefit. Applicants should;

  • Be 16-64 years of age
  • Need of assistance with getting around, everyday chores or both
  • Needing this benefit for three months and expect to need it for the next nine months (with exception to terminally ill persons with less than six months to live)

Children under 16 years cannot access PIP. However, new claims can still be filed for Disability Living Allowance for such children who may need help going about their daily activities.

How to Claim PIP

The process of claiming Personal independence Payment is fairly simple.

  1. Place A Claim

You can claim PIP by visiting the government website or call PIP phone number 0843 455 0087 for guidance on how to apply. Note that new applicants from Northern Ireland can also make inquiries.

  1. Check Eligibility

PIP phone NumberOnce a claim is placed, DWP assesses the application and sends a form that requires you to explain how the disability affects your daily chores. This is a very vital form and should be filled as accurately and carefully as possible giving as much detail as possible. If you need help filling this form, you can call PIP phone number 0843 455 0087.

  1. DWP Review Form

Once you submit this form, DWP decides whether a medical assessment is necessary. The department can also decide to ask for assistance from a social or health worker in determining the case.

If the department decides that a medical assessment is necessary, you will be required to avail yourself for a session with a trained, independent health professional. The exercise is meant to understand your needs as well as assess the kind of assistance you will need as you go about your daily activities.

  1. The Aftermath of the Review

Depending on the outcome of your professional assessment, the DWP will decide on how much they will grant you. Keep in mind that you will be regularly assessed as the DWP keeps track of your condition. This is to ensure that you are awarded the appropriate amount.

How Much and How Long Can One Access PIP?

The Department of Works and Pensions decides how much is awarded to a person depending on their circumstances. Therefore, you cannot know how much you can get and for how long until you apply. This is because the DWP will constantly review your case and give benefits according to the prevailing circumstances. You can call the PIP phone number 0843 455 0087 if you need more information on how your circumstances determine your award.

PIP is made up of two allowances. One helps with the living expenses while the other helps with mobility costs. Both of these components are either at standard or enhanced rate.

  • The daily living component is meant to cater for the assistance needed to do everyday tasks. This allowance can be used to cater for the costs of assistance in washing, preparing meals, communication with other people, getting dressed, etc.
  • The mobility component is meant to help with the costs of getting around. This includes planning a journey, moving or following a route.
Component Weekly Payment
Standard rate for daily living £55.65
Enhanced rate for daily living £83.10
Standard rate for mobility £22.00
Enhanced rate for mobility £58.00

Note that terminally ill persons get at least £83.10 every week, and this goes on for three years. The mobility rate, however, will depend on the level of assistance needed.

DWP will always send a notification 14 weeks before your award expiry due date, reminding you to renew your claim. A claim takes quite some time to process, so it is advisable to renew your claim before the expiry date. This helps prevent breaks in your payments as you wait for a claim to be processed.

All benefits given under PIP are not subject to taxation.

How Is Personal Independence Payment Paid?

PIP is remitted to the relevant individuals every month. However, those who are terminally ill get their payments every week.

If you have any question about how the payments are made and to which accounts, call PIP phone number 0843 455 0087. You can also check out the official government website on more about disability benefits and payments.

What If I Am Claiming Disability Living Allowance?

PIP phone numberIf you are already receiving Disability Living Allowance on an indefinite or lifetime plan when renewing, you will be redirected to claim PIP instead. If you are a new applicant for DLA, you will be redirected to apply for PIP.

All those aged 65 years and above and currently receiving DLA will not be affected. Their payments will continue as usual under DLA plan.

The Transition from DLA to PIP

DLA is gradually being phased out, which is why all new applications are handled under PIP. Additionally, all those seeking to renew their words should do so by claiming PIP, not DLA. Use the PIP phone number to get the answer to any questions you may have.

It is important to note that DLA and PIP have differing qualifying conditions. This means that the amounts you can be given in one benefit differ from the amount awarded for the same conditions in the other benefit plan.

How to Appeal a PIP Decision

In some cases, you may feel like you have been unfairly denied an award or would like to challenge the amount awarded. It is allowed. However, due process should be followed. You can check out the proper process of making an appeal against disability benefits decision.

We understand that DLA to PIP transition can be tough. We also understand that applications need to be filled as accurately as possible. You can also claim Universal Credit at the same time as PIP If you need any assistance with any of these issues, call

PIP Phone Number 0843 455 0087 today.